Asheville Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions are often complex undertakings involving not only buyers and sellers, but also investors, tenants, lessees, business owners, customers, city planners, etc.  At Leonetti we strive to minimize your challenges and maximize your gains whether you are looking to buy or sell a commercial property.

Together, we will create an individual market strategy for your transaction based on your goals, while keeping in mind past and present market activity, gains realized by other comparable investors in your target location, and identifying neighborhood demographics and traffic patterns that will benefit your commercial endeavor.

At Leonetti we believe that the two most important aspects of buying or selling commercial real estate are determining a realistic market value and understanding that the details matter.

When selling a building, investors expect to see profit and loss statements, leases, occupancy rates, as well as Net Operating Income, etc. When selling land, investors want to know details on the acreage, available utilities, zoning, environmental analysis, access, future development, etc.

Leonetti will create a unique marketing approach to showcase your property’s value and present concise data that investors will want to see.

Commerical Real Estate Agents

When representing commercial buyers Leonetti won’t stop working for you until all of your questions are answered.  We have built relationships with environmental engineers, surveyors, lenders, accountants, and more to better serve you.

What sets Leonetti apart in this competitive commercial market is that we won’t just find you the information, we will help you analyze it and determine what it means for your investment profile.

Commercial real estate investments can lead to substantial gains when you align yourself with the right team, today, that team is Leonetti.