Jessi Leonetti

Jessi has a passion for life and a fierce independent spirit. Before putting roots down in Asheville, Jessi explored the world. She has worked with horses in Lexington, Kentucky, trained skydivers in Memphis, and researched elephants in southern Africa. Jessi obtained a degree in Intelligence, but instead of the joining a federal agency, she decided to pursue a career in law. She obtained her North Carolina Bar Certification as a paralegal working for a family real estate law firm and put her certification to further use as a paralegal for the Department of Justice here in Asheville..

Jessi has always had a competitive nature which can be seen when she is riding horses, skydiving, or in the courtroom. Now, she races to quench her competitive spirit and is one of the many aspiring female runners in Asheville. As a strong competitor, she thrives working in Asheville’s real estate market. She can keep pace with the rapidly changing inventory to make sure buyers are able to find their dream home.   

Eight years ago, when she was ready to find a place to call home, Asheville was the perfect fit. The beauty of Asheville and the nature of real estate work bring together all of the things Jessi has been looking for. She understands the draw Asheville and Western North Carolina have on people. She works hard to help her clients build a sustainable future in the Asheville area.

She views each transaction as an opportunity and each client as a friend.