A: Yes! DIY Staging is not only possible, it is a great idea if you are not hiring a professional home stager when you list.

The purpose of home staging is to create an environment that allows potential Buyers to envision themselves living there. What does this mean for your listing? A properly staged home highlights the best features of a particular property, and increases curb appeal. Staging can be done professionally, and Leonetti Group is happy to recommend one when you work with us–or you can do it yourself! For DIY home staging, there are few key points to keep in mind. 

  1. Declutter: Excessive clutter can be distracting to potential Buyers. Removing clutter like paperwork, mail, tools, knick-knacks, books, clothes, and other household objects from surfaces like countertops, shelves, and open-face cabinets creates a more spacious feeling within the interior environment, allowing potential Buyers to more easily envision themselves living in the home. The more minimal the clutter, the more open and neutral the space will feel.
  2. Deep Clean: Home interiors should be spotless when staging! Don’t forget details like window wells and sills, baseboards, even light fixtures should get some extra attention before showing to potential Buyers. A clean home communicates that the home is well maintained, and once again creates a neutral atmosphere that allows Buyers to envision themselves living in the space. If a home showing is imminent consider moving cat boxes to an exterior location like the garage to keep distracting smells to a minimum, and taking out all garbage and recycling from indoor trash cans.
  3. Depersonalize: Consider minimizing personal items like family photos, clutter on the refrigerator door, memorabilia as well as other niche or quirky items that could distract from the overall neutral feel of the home. The more opportunity you create for a potential Buyer to envision themselves living in your home the better.
  4. Maximum Lighting: Before an imminent showing, be sure to open curtains and blinds to let in natural light. Before listing be sure to check that all bulbs within the home are working, and if some seem dim or old replace them with brighter ones. Adding inexpensive lighting features to existing rooms, or darker areas of the home helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere as well. Lighting can often be used to showcase and highlight (literally) the best features of your listing!

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First impressions matter, which is why curb appeal is so important when you list! Potential Buyers will see the outside of your property first. As well, marketing material like real estate photography usually features exterior shots first in any online photo carousel or social media post. With all these facts combined, it’s easy to see how curb appeal plays a crucial role in the real estate transaction process. Check out Leonetti Group’s Top 3 Aspects of Curb Appeal below!

  1. Landscaping: What can we say? The plants have it, and well-maintained landscaping not only enhances the overall appearance of the exterior of your home, it also usually yields a dollar for dollar return on your investment. Landscaping includes keeping the lawn mowed, trimming hedges and trees. A fresh layer of mulch or planting a few vibrant blooming flowers to create visual interest never hurts either!
  2. Exterior Maintenance: The exterior condition of your home is always important to maintain, and when you list your property this becomes even more paramount. This type of maintenance includes power washing the porch or siding, gutter and window cleaning, as well as checking for any visible blemishes to the exterior of the home. 
  3. Entryway and Porch: The entryway is the first threshold a potential Buyer will walk through when visiting your home. It is also the focal point of the home’s exterior. Making sure this area is clean of debris and clutter. A fresh coat of paint, updated light fixture or house numbers–even a fresh pot of blooming flowers can make a BIG difference. 

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A: Upgrades the Buyer Can See!

Have a list of long-ignored home improvement items? Completing those before listing your property can save you stress, money, and more work in the long run. While not every project will see a 100% return on investment (or ROI) , updating and freshening up the interior and exterior of your home will increase the chances of it selling quickly and for asking price.

Kitchen Refresh

On average, one of the best ROI for home improvements is a kitchen refresh. Notice we said refresh NOT renovation.

Full renovations often have a lower ROI versus a refresh which is basically a “glow-up” that mainly deals with the aesthetics of the kitchen such as painting existing cabinet doors, the walls, or installing new sink fixtures. Kitchens are a focal point for a residential listing, small cosmetic updates can have BIG returns!

Bathroom Refresh

If a bathroom looks dated and worn, this is an eyesore to potential Buyers. A quick bathroom refresh is an easy fix to this problem! Fresh paint, updated lighting, a new vanity or bathroom hardware are just a few examples of ways to update this small but oh-so-important space in your home.

Curb Appeal Boost with Fresh Landscaping

First impressions matter and that is why any money spent on landscaping can often get a dollar for dollar return! A Buyer’s first impression of your house can make or break a sale. Fresh landscaping could mean weeding, trimming, planting perennials or adding a new layer of mulch on existing beds.

HVAC Electrification

Changing a traditional gas or oil furnace to an electric heat pump or replacing your multi-gallon hot water heater over to a tankless version has an over 100% ROI! Not glamorous but definitely worth it.

Replace Carpeting with Hardwood Floor or Luxury Vinyl Plank

Dirty, damaged, stained carpet is a potential turn off to prospective Buyers. Replacing carpet before listing is an obvious fix, however considering the current trends in interior design is worth a thought. Here at Leonetti Group we can say from experience most Buyers prefer hardwood over carpet!

Another less expensive option for fresh flooring would be LVP or Luxury Vinyl Plank. LVP can provide the look of hardwood but with less maintenance and less costs to install.

Garage Door Replacement

Replacing your garage door boosts curb appeal, and as we mentioned first impressions matter. Don’t underestimate the value of replacing your old garage doors!

If You’re Thinking of Listing Your Home…

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