Buyer Services

Buying Property in Asheville

The Asheville housing market is incredibly competitive. Asheville has world class amenities on every corner and the Blue Ridge Mountains in its backyard. Luiz, Jessi and Nan fell in love with the area and understand your passion to own a home here too. With the Leonetti Group, buying a home in Asheville is not out of reach.

We strive to have your real estate interests protected and do so by providing you with accurate and detailed information so you can make the best possible decision when buying your home or acquiring an investment.

At Leonetti Group we strive to make buying a house a fun process instead of a daunting task.

Finding A Home

Because we want to fully understand your housing must-haves, we encourage face to face meetings on your schedule. Our flexible lifestyle means we can meet after work hours, on weekends, or during lunch breaks. We can put your needs first. Whether your housing search takes 12 months or 10 days, we will be able to fit into your unique and busy life.

We show you the homes we believe you’ll love. We proactively find houses that meet your specific must-haves. We research the property so you can know the facts about the neighborhood, lot characteristics , permits, previous sales history, market comparables, and other bits of information specific to each each unique property. Quality houses are bought quickly, and we work at a fast pace to keep up with the market. You’ll have the most up-to-date information so you are the first to know when your future home becomes available.

Showing a Home

There’s a difference between unlocking a door and showing a home. During showings we are fully present and engaged. We work to notice and respond to your body language, comments, and interactions in the house and use these observations to further refine our search for your perfect home.

We’re willing to work hard and get dirty when analyzing the house with you. We’ll do whatever it takes, from crawling under the house to climbing into the attic, to help you make an informed decision.

Negotiating the Purchase

Everything is negotiable when buying a home, and we use all our resources to make sure you, our client, is satisfied. We pinpoint a fair market value by:

  • Reviewing the active comparable market
  • Reviewing the recently closed comparable sales
  • Recognizing the pros and cons of each house
  • Understanding the unique benefits of Asheville’s different neighborhoods

Once we have pored over the details together we will submit an offer with your price and terms. During the negotiation process we work hard to get the home you want at your price using savvy techniques and raw determination. If a deal can be made, we will be the ones to make it happen.