First impressions matter, which is why curb appeal is so important when you list! Potential Buyers will see the outside of your property first. As well, marketing material like real estate photography usually features exterior shots first in any online photo carousel or social media post. With all these facts combined, it’s easy to see how curb appeal plays a crucial role in the real estate transaction process. Check out Leonetti Group’s Top 3 Aspects of Curb Appeal below!

  1. Landscaping: What can we say? The plants have it, and well-maintained landscaping not only enhances the overall appearance of the exterior of your home, it also usually yields a dollar for dollar return on your investment. Landscaping includes keeping the lawn mowed, trimming hedges and trees. A fresh layer of mulch or planting a few vibrant blooming flowers to create visual interest never hurts either!
  2. Exterior Maintenance: The exterior condition of your home is always important to maintain, and when you list your property this becomes even more paramount. This type of maintenance includes power washing the porch or siding, gutter and window cleaning, as well as checking for any visible blemishes to the exterior of the home. 
  3. Entryway and Porch: The entryway is the first threshold a potential Buyer will walk through when visiting your home. It is also the focal point of the home’s exterior. Making sure this area is clean of debris and clutter. A fresh coat of paint, updated light fixture or house numbers–even a fresh pot of blooming flowers can make a BIG difference. 

Have more questions about curb appeal when listing your home? Leonetti Group is here to help. Contact Jessi or Luiz today to discuss how you can Move With Purpose!