Getting your home ready for professional real estate photos is a lot like getting your home ready for showings with potential Buyers–because for some Buyers a ‘virtual’ showing through photography may be enough to entice an offer or at least serious consideration. Real Estate photos are also used on the MLS and social media to generate interest in your property and it’s vital that your digital first impression is a good one!

  1. Declutter: Excessive clutter can be distracting in photos. Removing clutter like paperwork, mail, tools, knick-knacks, books, clothes, and other personal items to create a more spacious feeling within the interior environment, allowing the strengths of your interior design to really come through in each shot..
  2. Deep Clean: Home interiors should be spotless before photography begins! A clean home not only photographs well, it communicates that the space is well maintained, and once again creates a neutral atmosphere. If a photography session is imminent consider moving cat boxes out of camera view as well as trash and recycling bins.
  3. Depersonalize: Consider minimizing personal items like family photos and other memorabilia that could distract from the overall neutral feel of the home in the photographs. The more opportunity you create for a potential Buyer to envision themselves living in your home the better!
  4. Time to Upgrade Your Lighting: Before your photographer arrives, be sure to open curtains and blinds to let in natural light. Check that all bulbs within the home are working, and if some seem dim or old replace them with brighter ones. Lighting can often be used to showcase and highlight the best features of your listing!
  5. Small Touches Have a Big Impact: Add small touches like fresh flowers in vases for a pop of color, neatly folded towels in bathrooms for a homey feel, or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen for a natural aesthetic.
  6. Timing: In Real Estate timing is everything! Consider what time of day your interior shots will be the most bright and inviting with natural light. Leonetti Group suggests mid-morning to early afternoon, but this can vary depending on the orientation and lighting conditions of your home.
  7. Exterior Spaces: Tidy up outdoor areas such as balconies, decks, and patios. Arrange outdoor furniture neatly and consider adding throw pillows, a seasonal wreath or other outdoor accessories to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Have more questions about Real Estate photography and listing your home? The Leonetti Group is here to help. Contact Jessi or Luiz today to discuss how you can Move With Purpose!